This site is part of the Penny Candy Educational Sites for Kids. Penny Candy’s goal is to make learning math FUN and EFFECTIVE! How do we do that? By using more pictures to convey complex ideas. Children are naturally visual learners, so all of the content: math games, math worksheets, and math activities are created with more pictures. The pictures help children understand the complex ideas of math in a visual format!

Each of the math activities are organized by both grade level and category. You can also choose the ‘most searched for’ tags to find math activities by topic.

You can sign up to receive FUN Math Activities for your child by email by entering your email in the box at the right of this page or on the home page. You can also sign up for our RSS feed, by clicking the RSS feed button above and ‘sign up’. Finally, you can follow us on Twitter at CandyMathGames

Penny Candy Educational Sites for Kids:

Penny Candy Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for kids that are fun and educational and printable! You can find coloring pages that everyone will enjoy! Your children can learn and color with Candy Coloring Pages!

Penny Candy Math Games and Math Worksheets

Math Worksheets and Math Games for Kids up to Grade 6. Your children can have fun while improving their math skills with Penny Candy Math Games and Math Worksheets!

We hope you enjoy using Penny Candy Educational Sites for Kids! If you want to tell us how you used our math materials, encounter any problems, or have any questions feel free to either comment below or send us an email at: candycoloringpages@live.com

Who is Penny Candy?

Penny Candy is an Instructional Design and eLearning (online learning) student. She is an artist, and is attempting to learn programming. She loves to share and learn, so she creates educational materials for children. She also loves chocolate, sunny days, cats, and (Newfoundland) dogs!


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