Privacy Policy

We (Penny Candy Math Games and Math Worksheets, Part of Penny Candy Educational) do not sell, give, or otherwise give out your personal private information to others for the sake of money. We will not sell your email to third party members. In order to best protect your child, do not allow children to use the computer or internet unsupervised as a rule in general. At Penny Candy Educational, we keep all images G-rated and do not use foul language in our posts, however, since the internet is accessible and comments are allowed we cannot guarantee that comments on the site will adhere to our standards. While all comments are moderated, we do not guarantee nor take responsibility for other individuals’ posts, comments, links, videos, or any other media not stated herein. As a result, we are not responsible if such words or links or images that are above a “G-rating” are on our site. To help keep this site G-rated, if you see an inappropriate comment or link or image please comment below. Thank you.


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