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Math Puzzles Worksheets: Word Search

27 Apr

Math Worksheets Puzzles Polygons Grade WorksheetsHere’s a free math puzzle word search from Candy Math Games and Math Worksheets! Kids can also color in the fun mathematical operations and polygons at the bottom! A word bank is provided for younger students to easily find the words in the puzzle word search. Feel free to share this, use it in the classroom, but please don’t alter it! Homeschoolers and teachers are welcome to use this! I’d love to hear what your students think of it! (This word search puzzle is probably good for 1st grade math, 2nd grade math, and 3rd grade math students.) An answer key is included below in both image and an easily printable PDF below. The Word Search is also available in an easy print PDF here: Math Puzzles: Word Search PDF

Here is the answer key in an easily printable PDF:  Math Puzzles: Word Search ANSWER KEY PDF

Here’s the image of the answer key:

Math Worksheets Puzzles Polygons Operations


Making Math Fun with Free Math Worksheets and Math Games!

12 Apr

This site is part of the Penny Candy Educational Sites for Kids. Our goal is to make learning fun and effective! How do we do that? By using more pictures to convey complex ideas. Children are naturally visual learners, so all of the content: math games, math worksheets, and math activities are created with more pictures. The pictures help children understand the complex ideas of math in a visual format! Each of the math activities are organized by both grade level and category and can be accessed at the bottom of every page of our site. You can sign up to receive math activities for your child by email by entering your email in the box at the bottom of the page. You can also sign up for our RSS feed, by clicking the RSS feed button above and ‘sign up’. Finally, you can follow us on Twitter at @CandyMathGames

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